Urban Owl Studio offers graphic design services, illustration, calligraphy, illustrated maps, and chalk signs for businesses, publishers, events, and weddings. Both local and international clients are welcome.

The Studio is located in Pinehaven, Upper Hutt, with beautiful views of New Zealand’s snow-capped Tararua Ranges.


Urban Owl Studio specialises in pointed pen calligraphy in modern calligraphy styles.  Modern calligraphy is quite different from the old Spencerian scripts: rather, a modern script flows and dances across the page. The style is individual and eclectic.

As a graphic designer, I can digitize calligraphy and incorporate it into maps, computer-generated designs, or illustrations. I also offer calligraphic writing and designs on surfaces other than paper, such as glass, chalkboards, perspex, stone, or wood.

For a list of calligraphy services on offer, click here.


I craft illustrated maps in a variety of styles, depending on your requests or your project’s requirements or intended market. I cover both New Zealand and international locations. For books, I can cover real or fictional locations based on the book’s content.

In the age of standardised google maps, an individual, illustrated map can be a powerful, visual image in an invitation, brochure, magazine, or website. It can convey extra information, such as the beauty or features of the chosen area, or provide special information or instructions to guests or customers. For a business, an illustrated map aligned with the graphic imagery of the business can re-cast the surrounding area or town in the same visual language.

For more information about commissioning a map, click here. View samples of my map work in the illustrated map gallery.

Chalk services

Chalk signage includes traditional blackboard signs, but also works of art created with liquid chalk on surfaces such as glass, perspex, and raw wood. The designs usually include some form of special calligraphic or typographic focus.

Liquid chalk signs are increasingly popular for weddings and also with shops seeking to maximize their storefront’s appeal.

Click here to read more about the chalk sign and design services I offer.

Design & Illustration

I work with new or existing small businesses and shops to develop logos, promotional material, signs, and other business images. Graphic design projects are managed from the initial discussion and design stages, right through to proofreading and arranging printing or production where applicable for local clients.  For more information on the design services that I offer, click here.

Illustrations are an important part of book and magazine publishing, but also a key design element for businesses seeking a hand-crafted, individual, or unique look, both in their printed material and online. I work in pen and ink, pencil, pastels, watercolour, and digital imaging and painting software. For more information on the illustration services that I offer, click here.