Calligraphy Services

Calligraphy is used for event invitations, business designs, address stamps, the addressing of envelopes, and many other services. I work only in modern calligraphy styles, using vintage nibbed pens: the type which are dipped into ink.  As a graphic designer, I have the full range of photo editing and graphic design software. I can digitise my calligraphy and provide it in an electronic format or incorporate it into digital designs.

Urban Owl Studio can provide the following calligraphy services:

  • the addressing of envelopes
  • the writing of place cards and table number cards
  • the writing of welcome signs or table seating plans for a wedding or event
  • the writing out of your wedding vows or order of service
  • the writing of headings or chapter names for books or publications
  • incorporating calligraphic writing into a wedding invitation, business logo or brochure
  • designing a calligraphic address stamp (a popular gift for newlyweds)
  • other calligraphic services as required for a design project.

Contact me via the contact form on this website to discuss your calligraphy needs and to receive a price quote.

In the contact form, you can also request the free Urban Owl Studio Information Pack: Design Services for Weddings and Events.

What is modern calligraphy?

Modern calligraphy letters are individually crafted and have a dancing baseline; that is, each letter may sit slightly above, on, or slightly below the “invisible” line to achieve the desired look and balance. The scripts dance across the line, or can free themselves from the line altogether, floating across the page! The script may be upright or slanted and each script style has a unique pattern of nib pressure. In some ways, modern calligraphy is a trend away from uniform, mass-produced or computer-generated products. The result is a unique, highly personalised and individual art form.


I mix my inks and can offer calligraphy in a single colour, or in a mixed colour scheme uniquely designed for your project. As you can see from the gallery of my calligraphy, I own a huge variety of different inks in almost every colour. Certain inks will suit some types of papers more than others though, and this is something we can discuss together.

Privacy and non-discrimination policy

All photos showing names and addresses on this website use fictional names and addresses. Urban Owl Studio will never post photos of works containing  personal names and addresses provided by clients. To view my comprehensive and strict privacy policy, click here.

LGBTA clients are very welcome. Urban Owl Studio does not support discrimination on any grounds.