Chalk signs and designs

I work with both traditional chalk on blackboards and liquid chalk on chalkboards, glass, stone, and wood. I can paint your existing image or both design and paint an original chalk sign for you, carefully tailored to the needs of your business or event.

Chalk signs offer a crafted, personalised product which suits events or businesses which focus on a personal touch or wish to emphasise their attention to detail or individualism.

For shops, chalk window signs are ideal for displaying temporary information which may change, such as prices, products, or hours. Signs can be removed or altered, or you may wish to test-drive signage in liquid chalk before committing to a permanent printed sticker. If you are looking for a permanent window sign, a printed decal or sticker sign may work better for you: I can design the image for you and arrange for it to be printed as a decal and professionally applied to your window.


Small signs which can be packaged and posted can be sent throughout New Zealand or internationally. However, all other chalk work is only available in the Wellington/Kapiti region and certain areas of the neighbouring Wairarapa region.


Design of an original chalk sign

Design costs depend on the size and complexity of the project, and whether the final deliverable product is:

  • the physical chalk art only (for example, a chalk sign for a wedding, or a chalk sign painted on a store window)
  • both the painted chalk art and the digital file (for further use in advertising material).

Prior to finalising or painting the design, I can provide digital ¨photoshopped¨ images of your window, showing you what the sign will look like in the chosen location.

You can decide at a later date to purchase the digital file of a chalk design which I have previously created for you. If you wish to convert a chalk sign to a printed sticker or decal, you will need to purchase the digital file of the design, and I can arrange for it to be printed and installed for you.

Painting of a chalk sign

Painting costs will depend on the size and location of the sign and any additional materials involved (for example, the purchase and preparation of wood or frames).

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