Illustrated Maps

Illustrated maps can come in many different shapes, formats, styles, and themes.  I can craft maps to suit the particular needs of your wedding invitation, website, brochure, or book.  I work in watercolours, pastels, pencil, pen and ink, and digital painting and photo editing software depending on the requirements of the project. Being an artist, a graphic designer, and a calligrapher brings a unique and comprehensive body of skills and style to my map work. I can produce illustrated maps for both New Zealand and international locations.

Commissioning an illustrated map

To commission a map, contact me via the contact form to make a general enquiry or to receive an Illustrated Map Information Pack via email. You can also contact me by phone to discuss your project.

When commissioning an illustrated map, you will need to consider most of these questions listed below. We can discuss them together if you are unsure.

  • What area do you wish the map to cover?
  • Is the map intended for a particular market, group of people, or age range?
  • What are the main place names, boundaries, routes, or buildings which you need to have included on the map?
  • When do you need the finished map file delivered to you?
  • What style, theme, or colour scheme would you like the map to have?
  • How big will the final printed map be?

For example, an illustrated map for a wedding would usually include the location of the ceremony and reception, and any major landmarks, routes, streets, or buildings which will assist guests to find these locations.  Where you have arranged the accommodation for the guests, or you are aware of their nearby accommodation choices, the map might show them too. If guests will be travelling from afar to attend the event, the map might include nearby petrol stations and parking information or illustrations about the additional attractions of the wider region that they can visit while in the area.